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2016-03-16 12.41.49

Seconds before being rescued, Buddy was swiped by a car. The driver didn’t stop, but I did and I scooped him up and brought him immediately to a vet.  Yes, his hips seemed crooked, he had been probably been hit by a car before this incident, too, but the vet agreed that he didn’t seem to be in pain and so we agreed to just watch him with the hopes that he would recover without the need for ex-rays or surgery. 

Buddy was so severely covered in sticky grass that it took days to cut it all out and there were nests of spiders living in there! Buddy was so happy to be off the streets and safe he seemed to forget all about being hit by the car.

Well, today he was crying loudly and limping, possibly because the dogs have been playing really hard lately. I took him to see our vet. Buddy has 2 fractures and the leg is dislocated and won’t go back into place. Buddy is resting and is on pain meds, but he will need surgery.

Buddy is a gorgeous Poodle/Terrier mix who has never given me one second of trouble. He is as sweet a dog as I’ve ever seen. He deserves a shot at a pain free life.

He is available for adoption.

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