Shelter Lease Signed

Posted in: Animals, Shelter

I’m proud to announce our shelter property has been leased. The property is located in Cieneguita, just outside San Miguel de Allende. It is 1000 Sq. Meters and is entirely walled. The entire property is open now, but will be sectioned so that we can quarantine dogs as necessary. There is space for an examination room, dog grooming, an office and more. Photos coming soon!

Please help us pay for this shelter. We need┬ámonthly sponsors. We shelter 15 dogs and our budget is 15,000/mxn monthly – we only need 1000p per dog to keep them safe, happy and available for adoption.

Monthly sponsors are welcome to come and play with the dogs anytime! You can even borrow one for walks in town or for a few nights, just to get a puppy fix!

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